This Agreement includes a disclaimer of liability in Section 7. Please review that section (and all other terms) carefully. This CLIENT AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is a legal agreement between Mill City Laser LLC. (“Mill City Laser,” “us,” or “we”) and you individually (in each case “you” or “your”).

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This Client Agreement was last revised in April 2018. We reserve the right to change the terms contained herein, in our sole discretion, at any time. BY CONTINUING TO USE THIS SITE AFTER SUCH CHANGES ARE POSTED, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THIS CLIENT AGREEMENT. You are expected to check this page each time you access this Site so you are aware of any changes, as they are binding on you. This applies whether we give you notice of the changes or not. You warrant that you have full authority to accept and perform this Agreement. 

1) Fees 
The deposit is non refundable. All fees are paid monthly via the Mill City Laser billing portal.  Members that cancel their membership before their first session will receive a full refund of their first's month membership fee. If a monthly payment is missed the membership will be canceled and a new deposit and membership will be required to resume service. If a monthly session is skipped, not scheduled, canceled, cut short, or unneeded, the session cannot be saved or carried forward. Sessions and session time expire each month. VIP members pay a one time fee, no refunds are available.

2) Scope of Services
Mill City Laser clients receive laser hair removal services. Services are provided on premises using laser hair removal machines operated by licensed laser hair removal technicians. VIP Members have access to up to 12 one hour of laser hair reduction sessions time at Mill City Laser for 12 months from their original sign up date and if they have paid all of their VIP membership fees. 

3) Uncovered Services 
Any service that is not laser hair removal

4) Availability of Technicians 
All appointments with Mill City Laser technicians will be conducted on premises.  Any unused time after a session will not be saved and cannot be applied towards the next session, the time expires each month. Information about scheduling and available appointment times is available at Mill City Laser. 

5) Cancellation Policy 
You may cancel your appointment with Mill City Laser a minimum of 24 hours in advance, otherwise your session credit will be used as if you kept the appointment. A cancellation made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will result in a fee equal to 1 month's membership fees.

6) Limitation on Liability 
MILL CITY LASER’S AGGREGATE LIABILITY SHALL, IN ALL CASES, BE LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT PAID BY YOU TO BE A PARTICIPATING CLIENT OF MILL CITY LASER. Mill City Laser does not practice medicine or any other profession, and is not to be held liable for any malpractice claims based upon healthcare services. 

7) Contact Information 
If you have questions about anything contained in this Agreement, or any questions regarding your enrollment with Mill City Laser, please contact us toll-free at 651-334-0720 or at